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Jaén is the Spanish Capital that has more protected natural spaces than any other city. It is also the city with the greatest number of castles and fortresses. Jaén is a charismatic, modern, generous and warm city.

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letters in the word JA E N. Jaén has had different names over the centuries. It was Auringis in the Roman period and Yayyan in the Muslim one.

Inhabitants live in the city capital, with a floating population of more than 200,000 inhabitants in its metropolitan area due to its dynamic university. Jaén is the world capital of olive oil and has a vast olive field extension covering the whole province.

With 422 square kilometres, Jaén has a strategic position in the province. It is located in front of Guadalquivir Valley and next to the Sierra Mágina, a mountain range that connects the capital with Granada.

Jaén is located 573 metres above sea level. The capital enjoys a continental Mediterranean climate, with cold winters and hot summers.

Jaen’s average temperature is 16 degrees. The winters are cold, the summers are hot and the springs and autumns are pleasant. At the end of the winter and the beginning of spring we have rainy weather.

Jaén has 3,000 daylight hours per year, a great city to go for a walk in.

Jaen municipal borders are touched by Guadalbullón, Eliche, Quiebrajano, Frio, Jaén and Otiñar rivers, where lots of residential areas were built. Apart from the mountainous landscape, northern Jaén has rich meadowlands with colourful vegetation. Jaén bases its economy on the service sector.

Jaén people have different identity characteristics influenced by 5 interesting cultures ranging from Iberian, Roman, Muslim and Jewish to Christian. These are features originating from the different people that came to Jaén, also known as the Holy Kingdom city.

Kilometres of distance to Madrid and 230 to Seville.