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Welcome to Jaén

This is a lively and thriving land that has a promising path ahead in its touristic promotion. Jaén is History, it is Natural landscape, it is Gastronomy (awarded with two Michelin Stars for the restaurants “Bagá” and “Dama Juana”), it is Heritage and popular feasts, but above all, Jaén is its people.

The open and friendly citizens will surprise you as soon as you meet them. Jaén was in the past Iberian, Roman, Arab, Jew and Christian, it is nowadays the capital of the province, the world's largest producer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it is a city that walks into the future in its commitment to the vanguard without losing its roots.

At the foot of its Castle and around the majestic Cathedral of the Assumption, there is a varied gastronomic, cultural and leisure offer to enjoy with the people of Jaén. Jaén, the beautiful city of light, keeps the charm of the cities that captivate the traveler, that surprise and evoke, that inspire once they are visited. Jaén, the capital of a province unsurpassed in its landscape and architectural values, Jaén welcomes you with open arms. We will wait for you here. Come and meet us and you will have a unique and unforgettable experience of your stay

Julio Millán
Mayor of Jaén