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What to do

  • Goiko Grill

    A restaurant specialised in grilled meat and fish served in a modern, young manner.

  • Kiosco el Parque

    A bar located en the central Batallas Square, next to the parc. It has a terrace where you can have breakfast, tapas,...

  • Restaurante Yuma's

    The restaurant offers a traditional cuisine mixed with modern flavors

  • Restaurante Villatorres

    The Knightsbridge restaurant offers an Italian and a Japanese menu Villatorres restaurant offers a wide range of dishes within the daily menus.

  • Dama Juana Michelin Star

    Dama Juana is the second Michelin Star for Jaén, located in Saint Ildefonso neghborhood.

  • Casa Rober

    This bar which offers a varied range of tapas, is located near Darymelia Theater.

  • Casa de Córdoba

    This  familiar restaurant offers a varied menu with dishes based on traditional flavors.

  • Taberna Alcocer

    A little bar very popular amongst people from Jaén, a place to taste the local flavors.

  • Stadium

    The bar is located in a popular square specially in summer time, which offers traditional cuisine.


  • Restaurante El Balcón

    This restaurant located outside the city.