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Puntos de interés

El Templario


This restaurant specialised in meat order any of its many offerings . Peculiar is its decoration and atmosphere!


Cafetería-Restaurante "La Terraza". Hotel Condestable Iranzo...

The modern terrace of this central hotel is very popular amongst people from Jaén.

Restaurante Batallas

This restaurant offers an andalusian traditional cuise based on the best olive oil.

Restaurante Gula


A tapas bar close to Jaén Museum, it has a great atmosphere inside as well as in its terrace.

Kiosco el Parque

A bar located en the central Batallas Square, next to the parc. It has a terrace where you can have breakfast, tapas,...


The bar is located in a popular square specially in summer time, which offers traditional cuisine.


Dover II

This traditional bar offers homemade cuisine and its quality menus are very popular in the city.