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Caño Quebrado's Fountain Legend


At the fork in the road that climbs towards Santa Catalina’s Castle, taking the turn off leading to El Neveral Hospital, we reach Caño Quebrado Fountain, where the tragic outcome of this beautiful legend took place. 
It is said that many years ago, Jaén was governed by a virtuous nobleman named Omar. His residence was the Castle of the city, from where he administrated the public affairs of his lands, always taking care of his subjects.
When young Omar reached a marriageable age, a beautiful, young woman called Zoraida came from far away lands in order to be his wife. It is said that this woman was of outstanding beauty and that both fell deeply in love. The day of the wedding, Jaén’s Castle was completely illuminated by huge bonfires. The whole city was a huge festival in which inhabitants could enjoy great food and drinks. After the celebration, they lived happily together. Omar was devoted to the government of the city and Zoraida in taking care of her husband.
Everything was perfect, but one day, Omar had to go to the city, as usual, to resolve some issues regarding his land. At night, he had not yet returned to the castle and Zoraida was so anxious and worried. She was so alarmed that she ordered the guard to search for Omar. Unfortunately, the bloody, dead body of the brave governor was found, very close to the castle, right in the place where nowadays we can find Caño Quebrado’s Fountain.
Omar’s death brought sadness to the whole city; the entire castle was in mourning. It is said that Zoraida could not stand the pain in her heart. One grey and cloudy morning, the dead body of the beautiful lady was found in the same place that her husband was found murdered. Right from the moment when Zoraida died, the water began to flow from the fountain that today is called Caño Quebrado’s Fountain. People say that this water is the tears of Zoraida, crying for the death of her husband
Another legend that has survived to this day is about a ghost that promenades through the rooms of the Parador of Tourism, built right in the place where the old Muslim palace stood. Maybe this ghost is the beautiful Zoraida still looking for her beloved and venerated husband.