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San Lorenzo's Arch


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Phone number: 
953 19 04 55
Almendros Aguilar Street 27, Jaén
Opening hours: 
Sunday: 10.00-12.00


This arch is the only remaining part of the apse of the former parish church of San Lorenzo from the 13th-14th centuries. In the interior, we can find Tiles and Gothic-Mudejar plasterwork remains covering the lower part of the chapel. They are located at the entrance of the Arch. There are lots of local legends that speak of this Arch. The Saint Anton Friends Association organises conferences inside the Arch. It was classified as a National Heritage monument in 1877.


Opening times 2023:

Sunday: 10.00-12.00. Free entrance


Dogs are allowed, provided they are accompanied and controlled by their owners and comply with the requirements established by law:
Guided by post or chain in all cases, at a distance of no more than 1 metre from the keeper, on a non-extendable lead.
Dogs weighing more than 20 kg must wear a muzzle specific to their breed.
The owner must have the animal's accompanying documentation: up to date health passport in terms of vaccinations and deworming, animal identification document and potentially dangerous animal licence if applicable.
In any case, as long as the animal does not pose a nuisance, risk or harm to other people or animals. In other words, it must be properly socialised.
Guide animals for the disabled, assisted therapy animals and those belonging to the police and security forces may enter without limitations, as long as they are accompanied and controlled by their duly accredited guide, monitor or person in charge.
Animals considered to be companion animals, or those that do not guarantee the security or tranquillity of other people, may not enter. Therefore, only dogs, cats or ferrets may be allowed access under the conditions and requirements described above.


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