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7.- Climbing in the sports area of the southern face of Santa Catalina's Castle


PLEASE NOTE: Climbing is a dangerous sport and although we practice it with caution and well-equipped, it entails risk that can be fatal. The information contained in this section is not a manual; the detailed information provided below is not exhaustive, this is only a reference of recommendation or advice. Training, caution and common sense are essential for the practice of hiking and climbing. In any case, the hiker and the climber are solely responsible for any accident that might occur due to inappropriate practice. To learn and practice these sports safely it is recommended to go to specific clubs, federations, and specialist companies with qualified personnel.

The municipal Climbing Area of Santa Catalina’s Castle, given this name in 1995, is divided into two areas clearly differentiated: North area and South area. The more interesting and sportive one is the South area. In this area, we can find more that 100 climbing routes in beige limestone slabs, that are very hard and abrasive, and full of water drops and climbing crimps. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: Almost all of the climbing routes are sportive and can be climbed with 60 m climbing rope or quickdraw, but there are some exceptions, so we have to be careful. It is advisable to always wear a helmet, not only when climbing but also when standing near the climbing walls, because sometimes some stones fall down from the walls due to the proximity of the Parador and the Cross Trail, but also spontaneously especially after rainy or snowy days. 

ACCESS: From the Ring Road, via the stairs near the wall, the trail that borders the south face begins. The second option is to ascend towards the Tourism Parador and park in the picnic area on the other side of the trail, this route is longer but very interesting. We can get to the Ring Road by bus. We have to get off at the last stop at the walls of the South Face. 

GPS: Ring Road Parking: 37º 45’ 53” N, 3º, 47’ 40” 0, Picnic Area Parking: 37º 46’ 8” N, 3º 48’ 26” O.

PERIOD: : Sunny place, South-Southwest orientation, hot even in winter. It is the best place for days of uncomfortable climate, because the walls dry quickly. From May to September, we can enjoy the shade from dawn to mid-morning

OTHER SECTORS: Next to the Ring Road, at the same level as the wall, we can find a very interesting block area of 3 or 4 metres


(In Jaén's municipality)

Reguchillo: Area near the city capital, accessible by the “Green Trail of Jabalcuz”, with more than 180 well-equipped sportive routes. High difficulty prevails but there are also medium and low difficulty routes

Canjorro: Area near Los Villares with more than 100 climbing routes. The equipping of the routes is older and medium difficulty routes prevail.

Frontón: Not so popular due to the slope that gives access to the area. It has 60 great climbing routes (all difficulty levels) 

Mella: 100-metre high area with classical style climbing routes. Many of the 90 climbing routes are fully equipped. Some of them are ideal for beginners in multi-pitch, clean or traditional climbing. 

Alcandoras: Close to Cañada de las Azadillas, is the biggest classical climbing area in Jaén, with climbing routes of 200 metres high. The routes require training and technical skills.