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Traditional clothes, male clothes: Chirri



A man dressed in Jaén’s traditional costume is called a Chirri.The costume is divided into various parts:

ShirtWhite, made of cotton or thread with a collar. It has a superimposed breast-band. It is long-sleeved, with a ruffle around the wrist of the sleeve. They also have a button. 

Waistcoat With lapels, like a tuxedo. Parts of the front of the waistcoat may be different colours but they are always subtle tones.

PantsMade of black wool, ankle-length with a slight bell-bottom shape.

JacketMade of black wool. The length of the jacket is two or three centimetres above the waist and it usually includes lapels. On the front part, on the elbow and on the back we can see superimposed brown pieces.

FootwearAnkle-boots in black leather with little ornaments.

Handkerchief: Square-shaped, made of velvet, cotton, wool, percale, etc. We should fold the handkerchief holding each corner to form a triangle and then tie a knot at the neck.

Hat: Black velvet or cloth with an upward brim. It is adorned with two ball fringes on the left side. Usually the hat is tipped upward over the right eyebrow.

WaistbandPlain cotton, embroidered on silk with different patterns and colours. It is placed around the waist, over the waistcoat.


The shirt and the waistcoat are the same as the long pants costume:

UnderpantsIn cloth, corduroy, velvet, etc. In dark colours, such as black, brown or dark blue. There are three pieces around the waist, another piece covering the buttocks and a piece above the knees. There is another piece on the front covering the lower abdomen. They are attached to the knees with belts. 

WaistbandsPlain cotton, various colours or stripes, placed around the waist.

TightsWhite thread, plain.

FootwearBlack or white espadrilles.