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What to do

  • Antaño

    This restaurant has a menu based on traditional cuisine. Outstanding are its seasonal products.

  • Mesón Río Chico

    Set in the heart of the city, this restaurant specialises in varied homemade and traditional cuisine.


    It offers pizzas, sandwiches and drinks

  • Restaurante Batallas

    This restaurant offers an andalusian traditional cuise based on the best olive oil.

  • Restaurante Chino La Gran Muralla

    A Chinese restaurante and take away service.

  • Luque

    The restaurant serves traditional cuisine, and fresh fish and sea food.

  • Conde Duque

    Conde Duque pub, offers a great variety and quality tapas and Spanish dishes in the centre of the city.


  • Bar C. C. Arab Baths

    A new bar situated on the top of Palacio de Villardompardo, it serves tapas and dishes to share inside as well as at the terrace from where you wil

  • Palerón

    A traditional tapas bar located in the heart of the old part of the city, next to the fountain of Magdalena, where the mythical leyend of the Lezar

  • Restaurante Az-Zait (Hotel Infanta Cristina)


    A classical style restaurant, that offers an elaborated cuisine based on traditional cuisine of Jaén.