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What to do

  • Barbazul

    A tapas bar situated in a very cosy square near the cathedral, with a great atmosphere.

  • Baga Gastrobar Michelin Star

    The first Michelin Star for the city of Jaén located in a very popular neighborhood, Saint Ildefonso.

  • Los Barriles

    A tapas bar situated near the cathedral.

  • Casa Antonio

    Casa Antonio is located in the centre of Jaén and its aim is making their customers happy with the flavors of its cuisine.

  • La Barra

    A tipical tasca, bar that offers its unique drink, Rosini.

  • Dean Plaza Bar

    A tapas bar situated in the city centre, in a popular square where concerts and others spectacles are organized.

  • El Jaral

    This bar has a dining  room inside and a terrace, an ideal place for summer evenings. It is close to the Convent of Bernardas.

  • Restaurante Sur

    The restaurant offers a traditional home made cuisine. 

  • Los Olivares

    Located in the industrial area, it offers a varied menu,  with a friendly atmosphere and comforting food.

  • Domino's pizza

    A pizza restaurant in the modern area of the city.